For those of us blessed souls who live at Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees fulltime or at least eight months of the year, we know how glorious the Fall season is. Whether you like to golf, fish, garden, hunt, walk the dog, or just sit on your back deck and gaze, there is just no place like it.

We can best describe the Grand life by saying “It’s just so easy to live here.” And there is little we enjoy more than sharing our home and life here in this Northeast Oklahoma jewel. Yes, as the Mlnarik Team at Grand Lake Realty Search we sell real estate, but the area of Grand Lake genuinely sells itself.

Maybe it’s the nice people. Having moved here from Houston, LA, and Tulsa before that, perhaps it is the slower pace or lack of traffic. For me, an important part of lake life is seeing all the wildlife on a daily basis all year round. I truly love it. People are in a good mood too. They are here because they want and chose to be. One’s financial or social status doesn’t seem to matter much either. Folks are generally judged on how they treat others. Over the years we have never been a part of a more generous local community. People really do care, share, and attend to others in need. Maybe I should say “It just feels so good to live here.”

We are never complacent about how beautiful and special our life is. I took the above picture one day just watching the squirrels race for falling acorns around the neighbor’s yard. Captivating. Peaceful. Quiet. Spirit-filled. Gorgeous. There is something new to discover here every day. Who knew the small persimmons on the ground right now are actually weather forecasters or that Native Americans camped on the very river channel bank in my photo. Did you recognize the Caddo Maple? It is native to Oklahoma.

This is our 19th Fall season in our Grand Lake home. We are still in awe. You too can Fall in love with Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. It is truly a home of every time and season.   Give us a call today to make it your own.

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